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​Please contact our customer service if you have any questions. Most of our agents are fluent in English and will be happy to help you in choosing the right insurance for you and your car.

General information about car insurance

From the very first day you own a car you need car insurance. You choose the cover you need.

Motor third party insurance

The basis of a car insurance policy is Motor third party insurance (trafikförsäkring). This form of insurance covers injuries and damage resulting from use of the car. Motor third party insurance does not compensate damage you cause to your own car or other property you own.

Partial cover car insurance

With Partial Cover Car Insurance (halvförsäkring), the most common forms of damage to the car are compensated.

  • Fire – damage caused by fire, lightning or explosion.
  • Functional damage – Compensates loss or damage affecting the working of the car.
  • Glass – windscreen, side windows or back windows, broken, perforated or cracked.
  • Legal aid – pays the cost of legal representative and court costs for certain disputes that involve car ownership.
  • Rescue and assistance – compensates towing if the car breaks down or is damaged.
  • Theft – loss or damage through theft, misappropriation or attempted theft or misappropriation.

Comprehensive car insurance

Damages from a road accident, other accidents outside the car or from intentional vandalism by third party are compensated if you choose Comprehensive Car Insurance (helförsäkring). 

Pre-purchase information (PDF) 

In event of an incident

If there is an incident with your car, we will help you to solve the situation.

Below you can see how the claims handling process works:

  1. Report the incident.
  2. You'll be notified – You will be notified by us or the workshop.
  3. The car is repaired – Your car is repaired with genuine Nissan parts.
  4. Your car is ready – When the repairing is completed the workshop notifies you.
  5. Payment – You pay the deductible to the workshop. That's it!

Report a claim 

​About Nissan Försäkring 

Nissan Försäkring is a collaboration between Nissan Nordic and If, the leading P&C insurance organization in the Nordic region with about 3.6 million customers. Together we have developed a unique and custom-made car insurance with 100 % focus on you as a Nissan owner.

We guarantee that your car is repaired with original Nissan parts at a auktoriserad Nissanverkstad. You will get fast and convenient claims handling and will always be able to speak with someone who really knows Nissan and its products. Nissan Försäkring also stands out when it comes to deductibles and compensation. Naturally in a way that is advantageous to you as a customer. All this is to make sure that you feel secure and get the best service, when you need it the most.

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